Yuva Summit

The LEAD Program of the Deshpande Foundation conducts its annual flagship conference, the Yuva Summit. The event brings together over 1,000 college youth from across 5 states and encourages leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship through awards, project exhibitions, and panel sessions. Participants get to hear from and network with a national and international group of mentors, faculty, young entrepreneurs, students, innovators and LEAD alumni.

Yuva Summit 2017

The 7th Yuva Summit, an international youth conference on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship hosted by the Leaders Accelerating Development program, began in Hubballi on 28th January with over one thousand attendees, including students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and honored guests.

Inspiring Sessions with Role Models/ Keynote Speakers:

The first session of the day was LEAD Talk, an opportunity for six stand-out young people from the LEAD program to share their stories on stage in front of full auditorium of 1000+. Hailing from across India, these young leaders inspired the audience of not only their peers, but their elders too. Featured leaders were Vedanth B (K.L.S GIT Belgaum), Santosh Biradar (DET), Deepali Bhosle (Smt. A A Patil's Womens College Chikodi), Sriujan Mara (VREC, Nizamabad), Veeresh Varur (REC Hulkoti), Prajwal Rao (Mysore University).


We were honored to host many esteemed role models, including Magsaysay Awardee Bezwada Wilson, Deshpande Foundation Founders Dr. Gururaj Deshpande and Jaishree Deshpande, Open Water Swimmer Bhakti Sharma, MD of Kirloskar Ferrous Ltd R. V. Gumaste, Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the MIT Energy Initiative Dr. Robert Stoner, Triple Effect Founder Sally Ng, SHAD Coordinator Nichoas Clermont, S Mobility Chairman Dilip Modi, Author Adhitya Iyer, Adviser to the HITACHI Chairman Raju Reddy, Secretary of the IT, Electronics & Communications.

Faculty Panel Session

The Faculty Panel session began and featured esteemed faculty members from across the country. Veeranna D. K. (SGBIT Belgavi), Arun Kumar M.V. (Bapuji Polytechnic Davangere), Vasudev Parvati (SDMCET Dharwad). International delegates included Leon Sandler (Executive Director, The Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT) and Nicholas Clermont (SHAD Youth Engagement Coordinator, Pond Deshpande Center at Queens University) also joined us in this panel discussion. Sally Ng (Founder and CEO, The Triple Effect Inc.) moderated. The panel primarily discussed the ways in which youth innovation and entrepreneurship was administered in the programs they carry out.

Project Showcasing:

Throughout the day at Yuva Summit, 60+ of the top LEAD projects of the year (chosen from over 6,602 projects) were exhibited on the event grounds. Stalls were inaugurated by R. V. Gumaste and Bhakti Sharma. Proud LEADers talked to their peers, entrepreneurs, and faculty about the positive impact they were making in their communities.

Awards Ceremony/ Evening with Legends:

Faculties and youth were acknowledged for their excellence through multiple awards for outstanding efforts. These awards were presented by renowned legends Dr. Desh Deshpande, Jaishree Deshpande, Raju Reddy, Dilip Modi and Bezwada Wilson.

The “Best Supporting Faculty” was awarded to V B Grampurohit (Smt. Kumudben Darbar College, Vijayapur), Dr. Veeranna DK (SGBIT Belgavi).

KLS Institute of Technology Belgavi was presented with “Best Performing College”

Smt. Kumudben Darbar College, Vijayapur was awarded with “Best Supporting College"

Smt. A. A Patil’s Women's College Chikodi was awarded “Best Supporting & Performing College”

Five youth were awarded “Best LEADer” for their innovating projects. This included Bhimshi B Udachannavar who was recognized for the innovative breaking system designed for bullock carts, Vishwanath Hiremath (Smt. Kumudben Darbar College, Vijayapur) who replaced 18400 taps in Vijayapur City, saving 8 lac liters per week, Nikita Chougala (Smt. A A Patil's Womens College Chikodi) who built over 100 shelters for cattle in Borgal Village, Manjushree Kamble (Smt. A A Patil's Women’s College Chikodi) who successfully lobbied for a 2.5 lakh drinking water facility for her colony and Gurudatta E (HPPC Govt. First Grade College Challakere) who helped 200 individuals get labour cards.

Other awards were presented to Niranjan K (AITM Belgavi) as the “Most Entrepreneurial Idea” for the low cost portable water filter that he designed costing only Rs 25. Lastly, “Most Innovative Solution Technical” was given to Yuvaraj Patil (VSMIT Nipani) who established a multi-talented robot machine for areca nut farming.

Yuva Summit was anchored by An Evening with Legends, where the five legends on stage shared their knowledge, passion, and inspiration for making a difference.

This is what so many of the attendees came for, to bask in the presence of these five game changers and change makers, and it did not disappoint.

The legends not only shared their own stories, but with moderation by Mr. Gururaj Deshpande, answered more in depth questions about the impacts they have made and how they did it. With that, the 7th Yuva Summit concluded under Hubballi’s night sky.

Yuvasummit Speakers 2015 The 6th Yuva Summit, an international youth conference on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship hosted by the Leaders Accelerating Development program, began in Hubballi on 6th February with over one thousand attendees, including students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and honored guests.

The day began with LEAD Talks, whereby seven stand-out young LEADers from across India, these young leaders inspired the audience of not only their peers, but their elders too. The LEADers shared their stories, including both their challenges and successes, to the packed auditorium of 500+. Featured leaders were Chetan Upadhya (SDM College of Ayurveda), Supriya Runwal (A.S. Patil College of Commerce), Yuvaraj Patil (COLLEGE), Manjunath Gogi (KLEIT), Naveenkumar H P (BVBCET), Chanukya LAST NAME (MVGR College of Engineering), and Alysha Tharani (Founder of RAW Dreams).

The afternoon also saw many notable role models take the stage to inspire the attendees. Mr. Shekhar Gupta, the leading columnist associated with The Indian Express, conducted a short surprise session for the Yuva Summit audience. Prodea Systems Co-Founder and Chairwoman Ms. Anousheh Ansari, and also the first private female space traveller, graced the stage and captured the audience with her passion for space and her determination to make her dreams come true. She told the audience, “things are changing so fast that it really allows us to make a difference”, words that couldn’t echo better than to this group of young aspiring changemakers. The next speaker, Mr. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys, earned a standing ovation before even speaking and conducted a question and answer session with the eager audience. “It’s only entrepreneurs that can turn their ideas into jobs for others” was only one among a myriad of quotable moments with the business and IT legend.

The Faculty Panel session featured Dr. H C Chaudary (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi), Dr. Sudil Jain (IIT Gandhinagar), and Dr. Suchil Vachani (IIM Bengaluru) were the esteemed faculty guests of the panel, and also featured stand-out LEAD faculty co-ordinators Prof. Harshit Kulkarni (KLS Gogte Institute of Technology) and Dr. Jayashri Nagaralli (A.A. Patil Women’s College Chikodi). The panel primarily discussed the ways in which colleges can help support leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation training. Immediately following this panel, IIM Bangalore offered a session about MOOC’s (massive open online courses), demonstrating the potential of online learning.

Throughout the day at Yuva Summit, 60+ of the top LEAD projects of the year (chosen from over 2,400 total) were exhibited on the event grounds. After the Youth for Change Rally walk to the Taj Gateway, 10 LEAD students, 2 colleges, and 1 faculty were given awards by the night’s legends: Ms. Anousheh Ansari, Ms. Malathi Holla, Mr. Narayana Murthy, Prof. Muhummad Yunus, Mr. Shekhar Gupta, and Mr. Gururaj Deshpande. In front of a crowd of more than 4,500 students, faculty, entrepreneurs, leaders of their fields, and special guests, these individuals were brought to stage to have their projects and positive impacts celebrated.

Gogte Institute of Technology Belagavi was the winner of the Best Supporting College Award. With over 650 students participating in LEAD and extensive support for the program from the top of the college, GIT’s decision to make LEAD a part of the curriculum is creating big waves of positive impact in Belagavi.

Raibag Polytechnic was the winner of the Best Performing College award. With over 160 students involved in LEAD and over 350 projects this year alone, Raibag Polytechnic’s decision to allot a computing lab to the LEAD students in order to better their research abilities and technical access for their projects is paying off with huge benefits to the community.

Dr. Jayashree Nagaralli from Smt. A.A. Patil Women’s College Chikodi was the winner of Best Faculty 2016 award. Dr. Nagaralli has worked tirelessly to inspire the young ladies at her college to go out into the community and make a difference. 50+ students and 100+ projects have gotten involved; including three students who created a project also awarded a Best LEADer award at the night’s ceremony. Dr. Nagaralli personally mentors and “leads from behind” to help the young ladies gain confidence and unleash their leadership potential.

Soujanya, Dipika, and Deepali from Smt. A.A. Patil Women’s College Chikodi, were winners of a Best LEADer 2016 award. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, under the Clean India Mission, makes toilets available to villagers who apply for them. However, Soujanya, Dipika & Deepali from Smt. A. A. Patil Women’s College noticed the implementation of scheme was extremely slow, partly because of hesitation and lack of knowledge of the villagers. Soujanya and her team went door-to-door in nearby villages, educating about sanitation and helping the villagers apply for a toilet as well as holding rallies to garner support. Thanks to the team’s canvassing and following up to make sure the toilets were built, over 250 toilets have been installed, with the goal of 400 well in sight. This has generated a worth value of Rs.30 Lac from the government to the village people.

Harish D from Veershaiva College Bellary, was a winner of a Best LEADer 2016 award. Harish took up an initiative to create awareness about new techniques for farmers. Harish and his team created awareness for close to 500 farmers. With the help of John Deere Tractor and SBI bank, he helped 10 farmers to take out loans for equipment’s creating a worth value of 46 lacs and in which he was able convince the company’s to give a discount of 14 lacs on the equipment purchased.

Priyanka Dey from Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, was a winner of a Best LEADer 2016 award. Priyanka D has a passion for improving the education of underprivileged children. Teaching them the value of education as well as basic skills such as hygiene and health, Priyanka is awakening a love for learning in poor children and encouraging them to follow an academic path. Thanks to her efforts, the school in which she has been running her project in has dedicated a part of the schoolhouse to her. There are 57 students now who are getting tuitions, 7 have been sent back to school, and 12 students have joined school for the first time.

Ramesh Vaddodagi from MSW College Bagalkot, was a winner of a Best LEADer 2016 award. Ramesh started Child Bank, which allows village children to start saving their pocket money, when he realized many children had no concept of finances. The children are given a passbook that acts as identification and savings tracker, and phone numbers to call Ramesh and obtain their savings when required. Children can withdraw not only saved money but also four to five times of their balance, and this project has now started being used by women in the village as well. 15 kids so far collected 15 thousand and youth 12-18 contributed 7200 thousand.

Santosh Patil from Jain College of Engineering, was a winner of a Best LEADer 2016 award. Producing several projects for application in his village, Santosh Patil has turned his village into a model for how youth leadership and innovation can make big changes. His projects include an organic pesticide made from an extract in a weed normally tossed away as waste, a library of books Santosh and his team got donated to them, and applying radium bands to the railway boom after an initial survey. Apart from all this he has been an inspiration and channel for his juniors to the path of leadership; he has inspired 400+ students from his own college and has been continuously helping and supporting his junior in all the projects.

Supriya Runwal from A.S. Patil College of Commerce was a Best LEADer 2016 awardees. After only joining LEAD months prior, she has built an incredibly successful project. By selling low-cost saplings door-to-door, she informed constituents about the value of growing their own fruits and vegetables and raised 18,000 Rs. that have been put towards developing 1.5 acres of barren land into an organic farm for Bijapur Orphanage that will provide healthy food for years to come.

Yuva Summit was anchored by An Evening with Legends, where the six legends on stage shared their knowledge, passion, and inspiration for making a difference. Inspiring stories and anecdotes from their personal and professional lives filled their time and stage and offered a glimpse of success across many fields from the thousands in the audience. And with that, the 6th Yuva Summit concluded under Hubballi’s night sky.

Yuvasummit 2015 Yuva Summit is a conference where thousands of leaders(College youth who initiated leadership projects) and educators gather to exchange their ideas and discuss about solving the problems in Indian Society and showcase their solution oriented work. “YUVA Summit 2015”, held at LEAD Headquarters of Desphande Foundation, hubballi. Every year Yuva Summit gives an opportunity for faculties and students to recognize the LEADers on their projects and their accomplishments. With the conference theme "Inspire, Innovate, Engage", Yuva Summit 2015 featured a variety of events to show just how LEAD is changing communities by catalyzing leadership development within the youth of India, 2000+ students, 150+ faculties and other delegates participated in the event.

LEAD LEADers February 6th began with the inspiring LEAD talk where LEADers spoke about their projects and the great heights they have reached through LEAD projects. LEAD talk featured the alumni of LEAD Abhishek Bendigeri and Sugreeva Tangde. It also featured current LEAD student members, namely Pallavi K from Talikoti, Archana Hegde from Sirsi, Mamta from Chitradurga, Dr. Shibu from Hassan, Santosh Patil from Belgaum and Satya Phanindra from Nizamabad.
Kannada film actor Chetan Kumar delivered an inspiring inaugural talk. Mr. Rajinish Menon, Director of Microsoft Ventures shared his life story. Mr. Gopal Krishna, Co-founder of Infosys delivered a key note. The speakers shared their leadership learning with the youth and motivated them to turn their ideas into action. The LEAD talk was moderated and facilitated by Vijay Matti, founder of Campus Connect and also he is a LEAD alumnus.

Stalls of the LEAD students at Yuva summit At noon Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and Mr.Narayana Murthy inaugurated the stalls of the LEAD students who had showcased best 65 projects out of 1300+ and also they demonstrated their prototypes of the initiatives that they had taken for the betterment of the society. In the faculty panel session around 150+ faculties participated in the session and shared their insights on the topic Innovation and Leadership. Panelists included Mrs. Soumya Hiremath from CBALC, Ms. Sneha Hiremath from KLE Business Administration College, Mrs Shridevi Sintri from KLE engineering and MBA College and Dr. Ravi Saripally from GVP Vizag shared their views in building leadership and making students to think on new innovations.

Award Ceremony The LEAD students with the purpose of abolishing child labour in India participated in a walkathon from DCSE Campus to The Gateway in the evening at 5. All through the way, students were shouting “Awaz dho, Hum sab ek hai” to spread message of equality as a support to Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, which was then followed with the award ceremony held at Taj Gateway. The award ceremony was hosted by Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla (Functional-Head-LEAD) and awards were presented by Mr. Kailash Satyarthi (noble Peace Prize Winner, 2014) and Mr. Naryana Murthy ( Founder of Infosys).

Best LEader Award, LEader Prajwal from NIE First Grade College The LEaders who got the best LEader Award were, LEader Prajwal from NIE First Grade College who designed a prototype to teach children about astronomy. Students understand better when taught practically than theoretically. He has reached 400+ students. Prajwal has got 4 orders for the prototypes from institutions. He is planning to reach out more number of students.

LEADer Pallavi from S K Degree College LEADer Pallavi from S K Degree College was inspired by the NGO SIRI during her visit to Dharmasthala and then thought of implementing similar kind of idea at her place Talikoti. Hence she trained more than 1500+ women out of which 342 women started their business. Pallavi has completed more than 13 projects and has benefited many villages. She has also completed a project under Jan Dhan Yojana. It has helped 7638+ people of her village to create the bank accounts.

LEADer Yuvraj from VSM Institue of Technology LEADer Yuvraj from VSM Institue of Technology, Nipani has designed a prototype to reduce smoke which helps in the circulation of good air in the room. People, who visited his home, got to know about it and requested Yuvraj to install in their houses too. He has received 48 orders for the prototype out of which 9 have already installed. He is very active LEader and has completed more than 13 projects.

LEADer from Mr. Kalyan Chakrawarti from GSCET College LEADer from Mr. Kalyan Chakrawarti from GSCET College has been associated with LEAD since April. Within 8 months he has completed 3 projects and 1 project is long duration project. He has inspired 15+ students from his college and made them to join LEAD program and has also taken several initiatives. His project "Help and Build" has benefited 35+ kids. Every day student attends evening classes, and 20+ students have started regularly attending schools. He has also been raising fund from society and assigned teachers to teach. He pays Rs.2000 to teachers and rent Rs.1000/- every month. Adding cream on the cake, he is taking tuition classes every day from past 2 years and gets Rs.7000 per month. His one more technical project is Low cost Over Head Automatic on and off system!

LEader Ravi from Anjuman Arts, Science & Commerce College Dharwad is an Active LEADer LEader Ravi from Anjuman Arts, Science & Commerce College Dharwad is an Active LEADer. He has completed 30+ projects which impacted on more than 3000+ villagers. He worked on the concept of village development and drove of 30 different initiatives. He is more focused on rural development and has helped 12 families in construction of homes with the help of Government schemes.

LEADER Mr Satya Phanindra from VREC College Mr. Satya Phanindra from VREC College, Nizamabad is an active leader from past 2 years; he has been inspired by the LEAD concept and started attending workshops, trainings and events/activities of LEAD. (LEAD Innovation, LEAD Kick off, LEAD Valedictory etc). He has volunteered in many events, taken up 13 initiatives and completed the projects, more than 1000 people have been benefited, 30+ students have got inspired by him and joined LEAD program. He has mentored 20+ students, 30+ projects have been documented by him.

LEADer Niranjan from AITM Belgaum LEADer Niranjan from AITM Belgaum has designed a device which increases the bike mileage by 30% with the help of the water. It also increases the pickup of the bike. He has tried the device with the Honda Activa. It saves Rs.15, 000 a year. The device is now being used on continuous basis to one vehicle and is in process of installing it into several devices.

 Awards presented as ‘BEST Faculty Award to Dr. Ravi S There were awards presented as ‘BEST Faculty Award' to Dr. Ravi S as he promotes social innovation in college students and focuses on practical learning in students and insisted college to sponsor 12 students to take part in LEAD Prayana, a leadership journey. Jain College of Engineering got the “BEST Team and Supportive College” for being fully active in the activities of LEAD. The college has completed 70+ projects. It has initiated radium project for railway gate and bullock cart. Two students have been selected as LEAD Ambassador and large numbers of students have participated in the LEADership camp, 4 projects from the college were selected for the Yuva Summit. This year there were 300+ students registered with LEAD and 30+ students from Diploma College who has joined LEAD.

 customary projects showcasing and opening ceremony The 19th began with the customary projects showcasing and opening ceremony. Both were conducted in the presence of Mr. R.V. Deshpande (Minister for Higher Education and Tourism, Government of Karnataka), Dr. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande (Chairman, Sparta Group LLC), Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande (Co-founder and Trustee, Deshpande Foundation), Prof. S. S. Murthy (Vice Chancellor, Central University of Karnataka) and Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation). During the opening ceremony, the Best Supporting Faculty awards were presented to Mr. Harshith Kulkarni (GIT, Belgaum), Mr. Sunil Honnugar (SDMCET, Dharwad), and Mr. Shreedhar (SJMCIT, Chitradurga) for their extraordinary support in promoting leadership and innovation among students on their college campuses.

The LEAD Alumni Conference The LEAD Alumni Conference gave LEAD alumni the opportunity to connect with current LEAD students and reconnect with each other. LEAD alumni spoke about their LEAD journeys, how LEAD helped them in their careers and personal development and answered questions from the audience. The session was conducted in the presence of Mr. Phanindra Sama (Co-founder and CEO, redbus.in). Speakers for the LEAD Alumni Conference included Mr. Anup Vijapur (Technology Head, nanoPix), Mr. Vijay Matti (Co-founder, Campus Connect), Mr. Shailabh Rauniyar (Scientist, Biocon Research Limited) and Ms. Deepika Ghasghase (MBA student) .

 Santosh Kaveri Samiti BBA College Belgaum Santosh Kaveri (Samiti BBA College, Belgaum) In the village of Shedbalin, Belgaum, farmers used any extra money they had to pay laborers to help them peel and clean the carrots that they harvested. After six months of designing, Santosh invented a machine to help with this process. With the machine, carrot preparation only requires the help of one or two people and requires a limited use of electricity and no water. Moreover, Santosh's machine allows 100 kg of carrots to be harvested, cleaned, and peeled in only 15 minutes. Eight farmers now use this machine and have spared the costs of employing six laborers.

LEAD Alumni Conference The LEAD Alumni Conference gave LEAD alumni the opportunity to connect with current LEAD students and reconnect with each other. LEAD alumni spoke about their LEAD journeys, how LEAD helped them in their careers and personal development and answered questions from the audience. The session was conducted in the presence of Mr. Phanindra Sama (Co-founder and CEO, redbus.in). Speakers for the LEAD Alumni Conference included Mr. Anup Vijapur (Technology Head, nanoPix), Mr. Vijay Matti (Co-founder, Campus Connect), Mr. Shailabh Rauniyar (Scientist, Biocon Research Limited) and Ms. Deepika Ghasghase (MBA student).

Santosh Kaveri successfully innovated several low-cost technologies Santosh Kaveri (Samiti BBA College, Belgaum) Despite his non-science background as a second-year business student, Santosh has successfully innovated several low-cost technologies, which are helping hundreds of farmers, students, and more. The innovative, impactful, and entrepreneurial nature of his own invention, the Carrot Cleaning Machine, helped him win the “Best LEADer” award at Yuva Summit 2013, which was presented to him by Mr. Ratan Tata. This year, he again received the “Best LEADer” award for his innovation and promotion of the brake system for bullock cart.

Many farmers around the country rely on bullock carts to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. However, many problems have been caused by the fact that most of these farmers are using bullock carts without a proper braking system. Instead, the bullock carts are usually stopped manually, which is putting strain on the laborers, the oxen and the bullock cart. Santosh innovated a bullock cart brake system that is simple, effective, and affordable. Farmers using this brake system for their bullock carts are receiving many benefits. Bullock cart accidents are being reduced, and farmers can now carry more weight on their carts. In addition, less manual labor is required to manage the cart. Moreover, no pollution is being created from the cart as the brake system requires no fuel source.

Aarya Vishwanath Hallikeri Aarya Vishwanath Hallikeri (KLEIT, hubballi) The Old Bus Stand in hubballi was in a horrible condition. The walls were stained with red from people spitting on them and alcoholic bottles littered the ground. There was clearly no respect for public space. Local officials, including the police, were doing nothing. LEADer Aarya Hallikeri decided to do something about it. He made a team of 12 students and LEADers and together, and they worked throughout the day to clean up the entire bus stand. They painted the walls, picked up trash, and declared the area as a plastic free zone. Their goal was to make the Bus Stand area as hygienic as possible. The impact of Aarya’s project was big-LEADers in Davangere, Chikodi, Dharwad, and Laxmeshwar have implemented the same initiative in their locations. On August 15th, Independence Day, Aarya and his team received appreciation certificates from the Managing Director of NWKSRTC.

Anirudh Ravi LEADer Anirudh Ravi is the inventor of the Trash-A-Nator Anirudh Ravi (GIT, Belgaum) LEADer Anirudh Ravi is the inventor of the Trash-A-Nator, a device that can burn up to 200 liters of dry waste in a short period of time. The Trash-A-Nator may be a big name, but this machine was constructed with simplicity in mind. Dry waste is placed into the barrel. A matchstick is used to set the waste on fire. The lid is closed and the blower is turned on. While the waste is burning inside the barrel, a blower pumps oxygen into the barrel to continue feeding the flames. In addition, the oxygen that is fed into the barrel helps convert the toxic carbon monoxide byproduct of the burning into carbon dioxide, which is healthier for our lungs and for the environment. A mesh is attached to the top of the barrel to prevent heavier particles, such as soot, from flying into the air. 90% of the waste will be completely burnt, and the remaining 10% will be converted into ash.

Naveen HP Naveen HP (BVBCET, Hubballi) With growing urbanization, the demand for drinking water in cities is soaring. Rainfall is not always enough to replenish these underground freshwater resources. As a result, urban cities are now facing the risk of water stress. LEADer Naveen HP from BVBCET wanted to protect this from happening in local communities. He conducted a survey of groundwater levels in hubballi and the surrounding areas. His strong determination inspired him to raise Rs. 27,000 from his fellow students, the villagers, and SRDS to help fund this project.

Sangamesh Parit The government has allotted Rs. 5 lakh for the construction of an open drainage system Sangamesh Parit (NV Degree College, Gulbarga) Sangmesh identified a lack of proper drainage in a slum area of Gulbarga. In this particular area there was no open drainage system. He approached the MLA, made them aware of the problem, and demanded that they help implement a solution. The government has allotted Rs. 5 lakh for the construction of an open drainage system.

Jyoti Naik Jyoti Naik (AA Patil Women’s College, Chikodi) Jyoti identified a handful of people near Chikodi without homes. Desperately wanting to help them improve their living conditions, Jyoti approached the government and demanded that they help these few people. The government agreed to fund the construction of seven homes for these needy people. Five of these homes have since been allotted.