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  • Prayana Is a Wonderful Journey!

    I have always desired to meet great people, and do new things. Then, I found the platform to fulfill all my desires i.e LEAD Prayana. The first few days of the journey were really crucial. I met new people, visited new places, new things around but also it is the time to show our potential. During Prayana I made great friends. My mentors were good and I never felt home sick. Prayana gave me many positive feelings and I stepped out of my comfort zone.

    - Sneha,Vizag

  • Unexpected experience

    My Life has changed after LEAD Prayana; my life has got new hopes! And yes, I can face the world with great strength and courage now!

    -AumAkhilesh, Laximeshwara

  • Memorable Prayana

    I have never had this kind of experience as the one I had at LEAD Prayana. It was a great learning experience, it made me realize my strengths, my fears, and my anxieties. It taught me to deal with my weaknesses. Staying together with more than 140 participants for 16 days was lot of fun. I shared and collected life-long memories.

    After LEAD Prayana, a new journey has started in my life!

    - Chandrashekara.R , Bangalore

  • Prayana gave me a new perspective

    “In LEAD Prayana, we get to interact with co-participants of different locations, culture and backgrounds. We get exposed to their habits, stories and experiences that broaden our horizon. The interaction with role models gives us a new perspective about life. LEAD Prayana has ignited a spark within us to do something productive in our life.”

    Manish Noola, Belgaum

  • LEAD Prayana, an enriching experience

    "LEAD Prayana was an enriching experience. Now, I am in a position to look at my work at micro-level with an eagle’s eye-view. I am glad that I became a part of LEAD Prayana."

    Akhilesh. H. R, Chitradurga

  • Prayana made me a LEADer

    “Role models and co participants of Prayana were an inspiration to me. Prayana taught me to take initiative, to be a LEADer and to be the change that we want see in our society.”

    Anusha Chanagonda, Tumkur

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