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Daughters of India,who made us Proud


“Sisters! The word itself brings the joy of togetherness and that connectivity of two souls that does not need a language to speak and words to express. It just runs within!”

Writing about this essence of bonding, it’s known as the world has witnessed the example of one such pair of sisters whose deeds roar with cheers to the wellness of society and INDIA. They are the ones who believed in their strengths and the blood that ran within these two souls always paved them the path of success, Mrs. Sudha Murthy, and Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande. They are the Daughters of surgeon Dr. R. H. Kulkarni and Vimala Kulkarni, who not only brought laurels to their parents but also to our country.

Both grew up learning that if we serve the society good meal, it serves us the best buffet. They were always determined about what they want to achieve and how they wished to build their empire. Sudha Murthy completed her B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology, standing first in her class and receiving a gold medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Also completed M.E. in Computer Science, stood first in her class and receiving a gold medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers, where on another hand Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande completed her MSc Physics from IIT (Chennai), and also has a Master’s degree (Computer Science) from the Boston University.

Sudha-MurthySelf-perseverance and will power made no problems stop the sisters from excelling in their field. When these sisters are together, it is all of that combination which bears success out of efforts. Sudha Murthy, the wife of Narayan Murthy, is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation. She is that ideal woman who has always been a strong support to the technical world of the happening of the society, Infosys.

Whereas her sister Mrs.Jaishree Deshpande builds equal assistance to her husband Mr.Gururaj Deshpande, Founder of Deshpande Foundation

Social service runs within them as they were taught and brought up in the way where the importance of serving the society was always a priority. Walking down the same lane, Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande works with HESTIA Fund, an initiative that supports low-income children and also the Treasurer of Sparta Group LLC.

She is making wonders as the founder of the Deshpande New-Picture-(8)Foundation by involving herself in all the social activities and events binding the social cause.The programs under charter a new path for local youth to experience entrepreneurship first hand imbibing global standards of efficiency and excellence. Such programs address a grave need for skilled and motivated employees among social enterprises.Foundation has helped over 90 NGOs in India to connect their innovations to relevance.Over the last 16 years, the Deshpande Foundation has embarked on large scale projects in the United States, Canada, and India.

“I believe in living simply. That’s what my maternal grandfather taught me. He led a simple life. You know, it is easy if you have a simple living. You save a lot of time. I tell the same to my kids” says Mrs.Jaishree Deshpande.

On another hand, Mrs. Sudha Murthy’s social work covers the healthcare, education, empowerment of women, public hygiene, art and culture, and poverty alleviation at the grassroots level. Infosys Foundation is a public charitable trust founded in 1996 and Murthy is one of the trustees. Through Foundation she has built 2,300 houses in the flood affected areas. She even used the Infosys Foundation to build schools for girls.

Mrs. Murthy says “Many times there is no perfect solution for a given problem. No solution is also a solution. Everything depends on how you look at it. We make judgments on others depending on what we think of them.” Which describe her experience of learning through the experience she gained in her life.

The sisters have made India proud and are profound exemplars for all the women in India.


This Women’s day taking abide the legacy of expressing the gesture towards the great Endeavour for making and molding the society we want to thank these two ladies for working in this corporate world and proving their worth.

A salute to these women who have boosted the energy of many women’s in and around the town and cities across, making us realize the importance of being dependent on our own ability and talent.The legacy of respect and celebration is back with many more LEADers with much more zeal of recognizing the unrecognized. This “WOMEN’S DAY” LEADers walk down to thank the women of our society for their huge contribution for the happening of the society because we believe that “The change is ‘Her’ and the change is ‘Here’. Our LEADers appreciate them with the certificate of appreciation of the work they do making this society.

Written by-Rasika Mangale


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