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He carried Planetarium to the doors of schools!


More the attraction maximum is the curiosity. An attraction about something makes the mind curious about it. Sun, moon, Sky, stars and other planets has been the most famous attraction in the world wide. Every mind is curious about the life on the planets other than the earth. There are plenty of questions which are still unanswered. To solve all the possible questions the concept of artificial planetarium came into reality. Planetaria are the theaters for observing the night sky. It is built for entertaining the shows about night sky and to show the scientific stories behind all the hidden secrets of stars, planets and other celestial objects. There are number of planetariums worldwide. Everyone cannot visit planetarium and experience the amaze of night sky. So LEADer Prajwal Rao thought to build something innovative and affordable. Prajwal Rao is pursuing Masters in physics at Manasagangothri university of Mysore. He as an extremely active student in science education with high school students. After completing his Pre University College he started a club, Black Body Science Group where he st_MG_3381arted giving sessions on Science projects, and presentation about basic and valid reasons behind everything happening in the world. He says, We don’t need a big laboratory for conducting science related projects but the basic knowledge and urge to do something. And it is possible by exploring small things around us. Innovative mind of LEADer Prajwal thought to build a planetarium which is transportable and affordable to all the local schools and colleges. And he started working on his idea. Every great success comes with a failure. His first model did not work but stubborn minded Prajwal did not give up. And he worked hard with the help of LEAD. LEAD gave him the platform and all the essential objects for completing this innovative idea of planetarium. With the proper guidance in LEAD Prajwal built a portable planetarium in the year 2014-15.

After building the conveyable planetarium LEADer Prajwal decided to visit the schools and colleges in Mysore for presentation on Solar system and gave session about the planetarium. Prajwal not only gave the presentation but through his sessions he cleared all the small doubts of students. Till now Prajwal has reached more than 2000 students. He explored his sessions to all the _MG_3414nearby places of Mysore. In the presentation he shows the night view of sky and what exactly happens out there in the sky. Clearing all the misconceptions about astronomy and astrology is one of the prior object of Prajwal’s presentations. He wants to eradicate the pseudoscience facts. Through his presentations he tries to put crystal clear explanations for all superstition acts by telling ancient stories like Vasco Da Gama and Lunar Eclipse. He has reached to various schools in Mysore. Prajwal gave his first session in Rangrao Memorial School of Mysore and further he continued in Science College of Bangalore and Science ashram of Mysore. Prajwal made four more models of handy planetarium with the help of LEAD and denoted to Deshpande Foundation, Agastya Foundation and Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, Hubbali. LEADer Prajwal presented all the sessions everywhere and denoted all the models free of cost as he wants students to learn things in methodical and in an objective way. He got all the necessary guide from LEAD. Including the first prototype and the rest models he got funds of rupees 22,500.


LEADTOIer Prajwal got rewarded as Best LEADer for this project in Yuva Summit 2015. He has been approached from various companies for the easily carried planetarium. Media and newspapers such as Times of India, Udaya Vani covered this interesting project. LEADer Prajwal is looking forward for the further updates of the planetarium so that it can be used as the market product. When it comes to the success of this project, LEADer Prajwal has got positive response in all the schools, colleges and other places where he has denoted the planetarium model. His sessions and presentations are so useful that till date, schools still approach him for presentations. Prajwal wants to keep up his work for scientific cause. He wants all the students to think in a scientific way. LEAD has helped Prajwal to turn his ideas into Action.10348927_10153165850932863_1916605199172288332_o

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com


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