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I cant change the direction of the wind ,but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” – Amarjeet Singh


IMG-20171231-WA0042I, Amarjeet Singh, a Prayanee of 2017 who went as the social media head of Varanasi was a bit nervous during the beginning of the journey. Being a shy person, it was really tough for me to fit in among around more than 150 students from different places.

With all new faces around me and a heavy heart I fastened my laces ,took a deep breath and started interacting with others. In the beginning it was a bit tough but the activities conducted by the LEAD team made it easy for me to know others and I started feeling a bit comfortable. The hate towards the journey gradually started converting into love for it.

I loved the way LEAD team welcomed us. It was such a warm welcome and the motivational session conducted by Deshpande sir and Jha sir filled my heart with pleasure.

IMG-20171231-WA0041I faced many problems during the journey like interacting with people, opening up while conversation with others, overcoming the communication gap created due to different language spoken by people. The time schedule set up for us was a bit difficult to follow but at the end the satisfaction of overcoming all these problems with full determination and enthusiasm knew no bounds of happiness as it was then when I saw my own new self.

This journey helped me connect with new people and set up my goals for life to have a clear vision towards my future.The journey turned out to be a wonderful lifetime experience for me as it turned me from an introvert and shy person to a confident one. I loved the change brought into my life through Prayana.

Written by: Stuti Verma


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