My Story: LEADer Sandesh Bosale

Few accidents create marvellous journeys. One such happened to LEADer Sandesh Bosale, an engineering student at KLS GIT Belagavi. An aspiring student who is now a LEADer. LEAD orientation programs bring a lot of LEADers every year. During the LEAD orientation program conducted at KLS GIT College, Sandesh Bosale joined LEAD without knowing the treasures […]

My Story: LEADer Amey Joshi

The thing about inspiration is that it takes your mind off everything else An inspiration from a LEADer is what set off Amey Sandeep Joshi, an engineering student at KLS GIT Belagavi, to start one of the best expeditions in his life. LEAD spreads itself through LEAD Orientation Programs every year. LEADer Amey Joshi found […]

Naari- A luminous spark!

“WOMAN” How does one define her as? Mother? Sister? Friend? Wife? Well if one hunts down till depth one will get this answer because a woman is the incarnation of the perfect species which can confront the whole world without any question. Well! Without any question? Because she is taught not to question the world […]


DATE: 10 May, 2017 LOCATION: KLEIT Hubli Where everyone’s morning started just with the sunrise, the story at KLEIT Hubli was different. Here it started with some vibe of excitement and positivity within the campus. The organizers were all set with their weapons of creativity which were soon going to bring more of bright colors […]

My Story: Arpan Satapathy

Arpan Satapathy, Mechanical Maratha Mandal Engineering College, Belgaum. Before Joining LEAD he worked and direct musical skits, plays and drama on various social Topics. Also was part of Yuvshala Consultancy and NSS and NCC. He was fond of photography and writing blog hence was chosen as Junior Blogger for Arsenal FC India. Joined current college […]

Tobacco company kills their best customers

Everyone watch movies in cinema halls or at home on televisions. They show advertisement before every movie starts about a man lying on bed suffering from cancer. The video is all about consequences of having tobacco. People have made habits more important than health. LEADer shanti from KLE Arts and Commerce College from Chikodi started […]

A tribute to the one who sacrificed

Indian Army says, Serving the nation is always first priority. Since many years our army has been protecting us from the wars. Kargil War was one of them. Some of us don’t even know why 26th July is celebrated as vijaya diwas?Kargil, an armed conflict between India and Pakistan in Kargil district of Kashmir and […]